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Improve Team Coordination
The system enhances the level of teamwork by dividing and coordinating movement in different areas of the training grounds
Enables use of cover training, Moving into Cover training, movement from position to position drills, movement between covers while assuming different shooting positions.

Allows training for  shooting training while adapting to the enemy location and distance

Nowadays training areas often lack friend targets. The existence of both Friend and Foe targets is crucial for target identification and target acquisition training and is included in Trango’s solution.

TRANGO SYSTEMS: Pioneering Smart Training Solutions for Tactical Operations

Elevating Close Quarters Combat Training

Trango Systems is at the forefront of developing optimal solutions for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) training. Our products are specifically designed to cater to the needs of diverse groups including Special Forces, SWAT Teams, Law Enforcement, the Military, Private Security Companies, and Shooting Ranges.

Confronting Urban Combat Complexities

In the intricate landscape of urban environments, tactical operations face unique challenges. Trango Systems’ products are intricately designed to address these issues, preparing operatives for scenarios involving crowded urban settings where adversaries might use concealment and surprise tactics. Additionally, our training solutions take into account the strategic use of tunnels by enemy forces for stealth movements and ambushes.

Preparing for the Unpredictable

The essence of Trango Systems’ approach is to simulate real-world conditions, enabling tactical teams to train under scenarios that demand quick decision-making and adaptability. Our focus is on ensuring that operatives are prepared for the unpredictable nature of urban warfare, enhancing their readiness and operational effectiveness.

Discover Advanced Tactical Training Solutions

Trango Systems is dedicated to advancing the capabilities of tactical teams. We encourage organizations to explore our comprehensive range of training solutions. For more details on how our systems can enhance your operational readiness, please feel free to contact us and peruse our detailed catalog.

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