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Elevate Security Operations with the Trikke DEFENDER: Unmatched Versatility for Indoor and Outdoor Patrols

The Trikke DEFENDER is a security patrol vehicle that is optimized for patrolling both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s built tough to operate with riders weighing up to 300 lbs, and provides up to 20 miles range. The quick-swap battery allows continuous deployment 24/7, making it an ideal choice for security operations that require constant vigilance. With its ability to operate both indoors and outdoors, the DEFENDER provides security personnel with a versatile and reliable tool for patrolling a wide range of environments.

The DEFENDER offers an ergonomic, stable, and comfortable ride that is easy on the body, thanks to its cambering frame, full suspension, and upright riding position. Unlike pedaling a bicycle or walking long distances, the DEFENDER replaces the fatigue with a smooth, clean, and quiet electric motor that keeps officers on the move.

The DEFENDER is an ideal security tool that enables quicker response times, fosters positive engagement with the public, and covers more ground, making it an efficient and effective solution for security patrols.

Available in 2 models: the 48V-3WD which offers higher torque for riding up the parking structures and ramps, and the 48V-2WD for mostly flat terrain.

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Elevate Law Enforcement with the Trikke POSITRON: The Ultimate Patrol Vehicle

The Trikke POSITRON redefines the standards of police mobility with its cutting-edge design and superior performance. Tailored for the rigorous demands of law enforcement, this street-ready vehicle combines high-performance capabilities with unmatched reliability, making it the go-to solution for agencies seeking efficient and dependable transportation.

The POSITRON is equipped with an array of features specifically designed for police operations. It boasts all-wheel drive, full suspension, all-wheel disc brakes, dual headlights, a high beam spotlight, a comprehensive lighting system with horn, a 3-tone 110dB siren, dual-color emergency lights, rear-view mirrors, a phone holder with USB charger, a gear bag, reflective POLICE graphics, and an RFID key. With this extensive feature set, the POSITRON stands ready to meet the challenges of any police mission.

Designed for stealthy, emission-free operation, the POSITRON excels in both indoor and outdoor environments, on or off-road, in all weather conditions. Its agility and versatility make it an invaluable tool for navigating crowded areas and fostering positive community interactions. In congested settings, the POSITRON’s swift response capabilities outperform traditional vehicles, ensuring efficient and effective law enforcement operations.

Choose from two models to suit your needs: the high-performance ELITE 72V for maximum power and the standard 60V AWD for balanced performance. Reinvent your patrol strategy with the Trikke POSITRON and strengthen your community engagement today

“The Trikke Defender has provided our Security Professionals with a superior platform to patrol designated areas of responsibility. As one stands on the Trikke, patrol officers have a better view of their AOR. The Trikke is also more visible than carts, and has numerous safety features that allow for a safer experience than a cart, or bicycle. It’s much easier to handle than a bike, and is much more forgiving for the various physical conditioning levels of our Security Professionals. Moreover, the Trikke is a more cost-effective option for clients and requires less maintenance. With faster and more efficient coverage, officers can respond to incidents more quickly than on foot, carts or cars.”

Mark Westman
Director of Operations, Allied Universal Security Services

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