S.Bretholz has acquired more than 25 years of experience in the field of security, with particular emphasis placed on detection, physical security & screening technologies.

Throughout his career, he filled both operational and management level positions.

He has worked closely with regulators worlwide, as well as with industry leaders.

He plays a central role in the development of security concepts, methods and methodologies within the framework of various multinational consortiums.

Our mission :

To make the world a safer place by accompanying our clients’ people, assets and operations.

We achieve this mission by upholding the highest standards in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

About us :

Bretholz Solutions is today one of the leaders in cutting-edge Homeland Security Materials & Services provider .

With a primary focus on Police, Armed Forces and Federal Agencies, Bretholz Solutions also offers tailor-made services to Airports, Ports, Public Transportation and also to major private companies and Sport venues.

The safety and security of the public, directly and indirectly, has always been of paramount focus and concern to us.

Bretholz Solutions is present internationally and assists its clients daily in over forty five countries all over the world from its Israeli & Brussels Headquarters. 

Bretholz Solutions can be the ideal partner you need to successfully represent your products and security solutions on the European Market.

For 25 years, we have developed and nurtured a trusted network of security and safety professionals.

Our references speak for themselves.

Our DNA is built on understanding the threats and assailants before they can do harm through proactive measures.

We strongly believe that the best security solution is prevention, hard training, cutting edge HLS materials & services.

We market, sell and distribute premium tactical gear & equipment to Law Enforcement & Armed forces.