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Mia Four Light Electric Quadboard

Unleash Unprecedented Performance and Control

The Mia Four Light Electric Quadboard is a marvel of engineering, designed for those who demand excellence in their urban commute. Our groundbreaking platform boasts Double wishbone suspension arms for superior traction and cornering, a unique tilt ability for all wheels ensuring effective steering at any angle, and a resilience that’s been forged and tested in the harshest off-road terrains. This is not just a ride; it’s a statement of power and precision.

Connect and Conquer with Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the future of personal transportation with the Mia Four. It pairs seamlessly with our proprietary Rider App, turning your journey into a connected adventure. With data accumulation, theft protection, integrated connectivity, navigation, points of interest, and cellular communication, you’re not just riding; you’re in command.

Redefining Urban Commuting

The Mia Four reimagines what urban commuting can be. Quad wheel stability meets the agility of a two-wheeler, providing smooth, safe cornering in even the most challenging conditions. With unmatched efficiency and durability, this Quadboard sets a new standard. Its upright riding stance and compact footprint expand the horizons of MicroMobility, welcoming a broader audience to the revolution.

Join the Movement
Embrace the future of urban commuting with the Mia Four Light Electric Quadboard. Contact us to discover how you can elevate your ride and transform your journey.
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