Screening XRAY Training

Screener Training, X-Ray Simulator and Operation Management System

Despite constant innovations in security technologies, the human resource remains the most cost-effective contributor to the efficacious handling of threats involving crime, vandalism, public disorder and terrorism. Well trained personnel deter, identify and may prevent hostile activity directed against their organization, and respond quickly and effectively in the event an incident occurs – reducing the number of casualties, mitigating the extent of damage and minimizing system downtime and recovery costs.

Security Training

As security and passenger screening has increased in recent years, it has become clear that screening skills and procedures need to be improved. Current technologies provide high resolution images and image manipulation, but a human operator obviously has to man the machine and the technology is most effective only when the screener is chosen and trained well.

The success of our security operations depends on recruiting and training the right people, keeping them motivated, and giving them the right tools to work with. Ongoing training of screeners and effective supervisory training is critical for maintaining and enhancing skills.