The AT Block
The New Standard in Safety And Dry-Fire

Created by a weapons and tactics instructor, the AT Block turns a regular handgun into a dry-fire training tool in seconds.

Dry fire training and drills can dramatically increase proficiency, improve muscle memory, and enable shooters to practice drawing from a holster, multiple target transitions, moving while shooting, and more.


Ensures that the barrel is unobstructed. Turns a live weapon into a safe dry-fire tool. Brightly-colored to make it easier to identify the firearm as safe


Can be trimmed and customized to suit various carry methods and holster styles. Can fit 9mm and 45 ACP handguns.

​The New Standard in Safety And Dry-Fire

Time saving

Fast insertion and extraction directly through the chamber without the need to disassemble and reassemble the gun.


Innovative design with loops allows the AT Block to be used as a gun cleaning rod or as a child safety locking device

The AT Block

The complexity of the urban environment,  often crowded, offering numerous possibilities for adversaries to hide or shield before surprise attack.

The presence of tunnels, used by enemy forces to stealthily move from one location to another, and exploit the element of surprise

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